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'Book of Going Back by Night'
by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Author of the four part 'Tela Quadrivium' part 1: 'Conjunctio'
Limited edition 22 copies

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The Book of Going Back by Night consists of three chapters of transmissions from the Egypto-Thelemic God/dess Hrumachis, the SphinX-form of Horus who presides over the Double Horizon. As a deity of dusk and dawn, S/He also relates to the twilight of the year- the equinox/equilux -and of the Aeons- the 'Equinox of the Gods' where the double-current of Horus and Maat intersect.

The verses are hand-calligraphied by the author, reproduced in blood-red ink, and extensive interpretative commentaries are also included, along with several powerful illustrations.


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The third chapter- received mostly in India- has only recently been collated and the commentary elucidated, and appears in this edition for the first time.

A work of profound mystical complexity yet with pragmatic applications, this magickal text counterpoints the energies of Heru coming forth via the Ancient Egyptian 'Book of Coming Forth by Day' (translated by E.A.Wallis Budge as The Egyptian Book of the Dead) with the energies of Maat going back, to intersect in the present.


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The relationship of these ancient-future currents to those of Babalon and the Beast are also explored.

Limited to 22 copies printed in blood red ink onto 100% cotton paper, each hand sewn and fully bound in night-blue smooth goatskin. Egyptian papyrus endpapers adorn the copies, each one fully leather jointed for luxury and long life. A seperate piece of Indian paper hand inscribed by the artist is inserted to a cut-out in the front board bearing the iconic 'Orryelle' eye-signature and limitation details.


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To the front of the book is a Hrumachis in gold with a seperately tooled hebrew letter above in silver;to the rear board is a Silver Hrumachis with a seperately tooled hebrew letter above in gold. To the spine seven evenly placed raised bands. A superb example of a magickal work expertly produced by the hand of a skilled binder.

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We regret we cannot reserve copies



The full leather edition is strictly limited to 22 copies
each priced at £156.00 GBP Sterling plus postal.
Postal to the UK please add £6.00
Total £162.00

Postal to EU please add  £9.00

Total £165.00

Postal to US and AUS please add £11.00

Total £167.00


All parcels are sent securely boxed via premium insured services


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